Uncomfortable Situations

28 Shk 2018
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Also thanks to Harry Animations for doing lines

  • E

    LuiLui13 ditë më parë
  • Bro that joke at the end was 🔥

    Tomura ShigarakiTomura Shigaraki29 ditë më parë
  • The first part was super hashtag relatable for me. The one time I wasn't embarrassed having other people watch my video in front of me was when I presented a project I did for my tenth grade french class which was part of my final. I made an animation doing the summary of my chapter of a book and had my friend do the voiceovers while I did the animation and editing. My class, even though they seemed pretty stonefaced watching my video because we're all edgy teens that don't think anything is funny unless it's a hashtag relatable tiktok, seemed to like it, and so did my teacher (which helped because she gave me 100% on it, the video is still up. And if you don't speak French, I made English subtitles so there's no excuse for not giving me views)

    Stephen ScribblesStephen ScribblesVit më parë
  • I'm an Extrovert I'm 8

    Ann AnkAnn AnkVit më parë
  • Your videos are actually nice, they're not garbage!! It's very entertaining and fun. It's also very nice to see a new animator that I haven't heard of, it's very new and refreshing. You are very talented and wonderful so don't think badly of yourself :3

    Yukiyo AishiYukiyo AishiVit më parë
  • 1:35 when your to tired to come up with a joke but you do it anyways

    devisousdevisousVit më parë
    • Yee

      devisousdevisousVit më parë
  • Huh, I didn't know that Brody had 284k friends/family members.

    Lawn Chair PeteLawn Chair PeteVit më parë

    Oops_ur_dead21Oops_ur_dead21Vit më parë
  • I laughed at that joke :)

    Vibez_LxcinVibez_LxcinVit më parë

    Casey TuckerCasey TuckerVit më parë

    Gooper McGeeGooper McGeeVit më parë
  • Heh funny

    slushieslushieVit më parë
  • How is Brody the only animator extrovert

    Ana AndersonAna AndersonVit më parë
  • Brody: Lets watch my vids Also Brody: *Cringes* Me: *Hold on this whole thing was your idea*

    Claudia FloresClaudia FloresVit më parë
    • Hold on, this whole operation was your idea

      Stephen ScribblesStephen ScribblesVit më parë
  • Ur a good anamator

    Jelly AnimatedJelly AnimatedVit më parë
  • Okay I won't watch

    Cooper does VideogamesCooper does VideogamesVit më parë
  • Ayy this was posted on my birthday

    r Atr AtVit më parë
  • I was like you on the very last one

    Pillow Cake!?Pillow Cake!?Vit më parë
  • Me to

    Robert BemisRobert BemisVit më parë
  • Lol

    Zahra MatinZahra MatinVit më parë
  • I uncle says that awkward #2

    Super Mario Plush JoshSuper Mario Plush JoshVit më parë
  • I can relate to the first and the last one

    fireslimefireslimeVit më parë
  • Hi

    Ivan BrazhkoIvan BrazhkoVit më parë
  • 2019

    CD sportsnut1CD sportsnut1Vit më parë
  • Good joke

    Royalawesome GamerRoyalawesome GamerVit më parë
  • 3 happens to me all the time. 😭

    PxndaCakesPxndaCakesVit më parë
  • I like the joke it skwaked me up hahaha no one is going to like this...1:32 is what am taking about

    Simple SampleYTSimple SampleYTVit më parë
  • Came from live stream

    XD. YTXD. YTVit më parë

    notreallysswignotreallysswigVit më parë
  • Wow he has a lot of friends

    Pug LordPug LordVit më parë
  • Was this made on FlipaClip no offense FlipaClip😊.

  • Relatable

    Just-in time To watchJust-in time To watchVit më parë
  • What's the outro song? Reply if you know.

    ScribblecraftScribblecraftVit më parë
  • I know right

    MR. ISACMR. ISACVit më parë
  • What is this animation

    Douglas Elliott2Douglas Elliott2Vit më parë
  • So this is you first not short animation Video also I love it

    Nicole ChavezNicole ChavezVit më parë
  • wow

    MangoMangoVit më parë
  • Get a real girlfriend. Come on, please.

    CyberHance 2004CyberHance 2004Vit më parë
    • i mean im always available so 👀

      leslie!!leslie!!Vit më parë
  • A majority of the comments are just people he knows

    Allison BrowningAllison BrowningVit më parë
  • Lol same.

    NoobNoobVit më parë
    • weren't you just calling him a loser lmao

      leslie!!leslie!!Vit më parë
  • OMG. He's an extrovert, and he's a ALworldr. OMG HE'S BREAKING THE LAAAAAAWWWWWW

    n y o o mn y o o mVit më parë
  • hi

    Landon FeltonLandon FeltonVit më parë

    Lily SotaLily SotaVit më parë
  • Omg I relate to the 1st one. A few weeks ago, I told only a few of my friends about my yt channel. But they decided to watch it during MATHS!! The word of my yt channel spread and suddenly everyone was watching my ALworld channel during school!! I died of embarrassment...

    MilkyMationsMilkyMationsVit më parë
  • Your the best youtuber ever

    Mark JellemaMark JellemaVit më parë
  • I'm extrovert too I'm with ya

    Rene AnimationsRene AnimationsVit më parë
  • Don’t worry I have the same thing when people watch my videos when I’m there OK awesome I am on comfortable

    Kaanskasol pulleyKaanskasol pulleyVit më parë
  • Today i told my ctush i liked her and found out she knew

    SpoopyKat489SpoopyKat489Vit më parë
  • I love your vids

    DaPugzLife680 YtDaPugzLife680 YtVit më parë
  • Like if I fooled you...... Read more

    vZetsuvZetsuVit më parë
  • I’m an introvert

    Lana HerreraLana HerreraVit më parë
  • I can do funny joke what do you get when you hit someone with the book Facebook

    Doom SlayerDoom SlayerVit më parë
  • Laughs when here’s joke at 1:39

    Creeper CastleCreeper CastleVit më parë
  • Umm I have the same situation my sisters says do you like someone and BRO I DONT IM ONLY EIGHT

    FzndumCløwnFzndumCløwnVit më parë
  • hahaha i love bad joke im the master of them

    Harry FolkHarry FolkVit më parë
  • Brody: I'm an extrovert Me' *hahahahahahaCantRelate*

    Scrrt ScrrtScrrt ScrrtVit më parë
  • 0:02 Wait I thought all animators were introverts who spent their days cooped up in their rooms rarely seeing sunlight.

    ImperfectedImperfectedVit më parë
  • *”mom can I go on the moving sidewalk...?”*

    Potato_SoupPotato_SoupVit më parë
  • Im a introvert

    Josue E SantiagoJosue E SantiagoVit më parë
  • 0:44 Me :NO IS NOT !

    Mysteryskull lover19Mysteryskull lover19Vit më parë
  • I’m with you my vids suck and my fam watches them and they think they’re good And no one laughs at my jokes

    MTH ProductionsMTH ProductionsVit më parë
  • love the joke

    daisy jammer6daisy jammer6Vit më parë
  • I'm an extrovert too

    Osarume OsulaOsarume OsulaVit më parë
  • 0:43 I would of said : *BOI* if you don’t sit down you won’t be able to sit down

    DotDotVit më parë
  • 0:22 yes very true. I would walk into the kitchen and my fam is watching my vids and they literally laugh every five seconds... it’s creepy....

    Cheese Muffins AnimationsCheese Muffins Animations2 vjet më parë
  • your number 1 uncomfortable situation I relate

    Daily DoodlesDaily Doodles2 vjet më parë
  • Nice story

    VR AFVR AF2 vjet më parë
  • at 1:47 then u say no u

    Douglas ElliotDouglas Elliot2 vjet më parë
  • 1:19 I'm laughing so hard and I don't know why

    123JakeyB123JakeyB2 vjet më parë
  • Same XD I was in class and my teacher put my videos on her computer and I was embarrassing.

    Ell FryEll Fry2 vjet më parë
  • I'm an Introvert

    julz zjulz z2 vjet më parë
  • I think this is good

    Faf PlaysFaf Plays2 vjet më parë
  • 1:39 I don't get it...

    ClericyClericy2 vjet më parë
    • The problem is, when you explain a joke, it's not funny anymore.

      ScribblecraftScribblecraftVit më parë
  • Everyone always makes me feel bad about doing Animations in my class I’m dead inside

    Coopa CDCoopa CD2 vjet më parë
  • R u an oilers fan

    Vicki PVicki P2 vjet më parë
  • Damn u have 162k cousins?

    Parker CunninghamParker Cunningham2 vjet më parë
  • Brody:you guys propabably didn't know I'm an extrovert Me: already EVERY storytime animator is

    Just_ JaidenJust_ Jaiden2 vjet më parë
  • It ok my class did it to

    Psychic Marx animationPsychic Marx animation2 vjet më parë
  • And then the VIDEO SUX guy sees Brody’s recent vids,..

    Tina LombardoTina Lombardo2 vjet më parë

    ToonziDemonToonziDemon2 vjet më parë
  • 0:19

    WolfToonsYTWolfToonsYT2 vjet më parë
  • Same I can't watch my videos

    LemonLemon2 vjet më parë
  • That joke was hilarious XD

    Ashley OberhausAshley Oberhaus2 vjet më parë
  • I’m an *introvert*

    Lorena MontalvoLorena Montalvo2 vjet më parë
  • 0:44 I bet you CAN'T do any better

    cindy chong passw0rdcindy chong passw0rd2 vjet më parë
  • I laughed at you joke

    Victor MartinezVictor Martinez2 vjet më parë
  • My, have you grown!

    SnapShineStudiosSnapShineStudios2 vjet më parë
  • Hi

    olivia frydbergolivia frydberg2 vjet më parë
  • OOF

    Oofer Gangster • 13 years agoOofer Gangster • 13 years ago2 vjet më parë
  • So once when I was doing computer in my class a couple of my friends googled my ALworld channel and watched one of my old videos and showed it too like everyone in the class and I was slowly dieing cuz my old videos are soooo cringy

    **2 vjet më parë
  • I hate that too! 0:17

    Awigwam AnimationsAwigwam Animations2 vjet më parë
  • I guess I’m the link between an introvert and an extrovert

    ‎The Man of Many Fandoms‎The Man of Many Fandoms2 vjet më parë
  • ur only sub is ur mom

    Peyton WestPeyton West2 vjet më parë
  • What's red and orange? Donald trump in a blender

    Aesthetic Skaters 2Aesthetic Skaters 22 vjet më parë
  • Do u have a girlfriend yet?

    Depreso ExprssoDepreso Exprsso2 vjet më parë
  • Honestly I relate to all of these

    Sam MakiSam Maki2 vjet më parë
  • 3 is me every day

    Intergalactic PotatoIntergalactic Potato2 vjet më parë
  • Im an ambivert. I do random things in public. Buuuttt, Im like rlly insecure lol

    lillythegreatlillythegreat2 vjet më parë
  • I don’t know you but I guess we are friends now Brody btw do you have a Snapchat

    Not IcyScrubsNot IcyScrubs2 vjet më parë
  • HOi!

    Aaron VyhnalAaron Vyhnal2 vjet më parë