Screw The Nether Collab!

18 Kor 2019
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Original video:
Huge thanks to everyone who was a part of this! Here are their social medias (in order of appearance)
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High Caliber Garbage:

  • One question where the hell was brody

    gameragergameragerVit më parë
  • Masky did really good

    Parker DavidParker DavidVit më parë
  • Dang it I wish I could have helpd

    Yazertz studioYazertz studioVit më parë
  • Many things you cant do in minecraft =/

    oak lamboak lambVit më parë
  • Is this good or great? *yes*

    Kevin McallisterKevin McallisterVit më parë
  • Who are you?!

    K1NDK1NDVit më parë
  • witout this original song i allways remember hiw to build portl to the netar

    the ultra Fishthe ultra FishVit më parë
  • Well somebody didn't get any pants

    Bert BalbuenaBert BalbuenaVit më parë
  • Its deep underground,

    AsparagusAsparagusVit më parë
  • Your video is a kids video?! Delete it screw it!

    Alex Lewis LampreyAlex Lewis LampreyVit më parë
  • Masky's scene is badass

    chester YTchester YTVit më parë
  • I almost moved to the nether because of this song. That was a bad idea.

    Andy SavsAndy SavsVit më parë
  • Dude do even like Minecraft

    Jr AlcalaJr AlcalaVit më parë
  • The furries ruined it all for me....

    WorstWorstVit më parë
  • 02:15 was obviously the best

    Dark Hole: a very negative personDark Hole: a very negative personVit më parë
  • Mah friends dog died in da nether

    JDennis EcalJDennis EcalVit më parë
  • *but birds don’t exist in Minecraft besides parrots*

    Crab got TrickedCrab got TrickedVit më parë
  • You can dye in lava

  • The funniest thing ever

    silly lily your phone is brokensilly lily your phone is brokenVit më parë
  • Funny

    silly lily your phone is brokensilly lily your phone is brokenVit më parë
  • lol just kidding

    silly lily your phone is brokensilly lily your phone is brokenVit më parë
  • Worst thing ever

    silly lily your phone is brokensilly lily your phone is brokenVit më parë
  • Lol he fell off the chair

    Crown AmationCrown AmationVit më parë
  • 2:00 no no not the furrys

    Doodle128Doodle128Vit më parë
  • 0:09 deir ar no birbs in Minecraft!

    Sean SheaSean SheaVit më parë
    • Parrots

      catatroniccatatronicVit më parë
    • Sean Shea da chickens is birb

      Doodle128Doodle128Vit më parë
  • I love this animation it is so cool

    Mario WashingtonMario WashingtonVit më parë
  • *o-o* *this beat tho....*

    Dowka 29Dowka 29Vit më parë
  • When i was going to the nether for the first time and i was like "ohmYGOD--"

    AceIsBoredAceIsBoredVit më parë

    Dario Mario the dogDario Mario the dogVit më parë
  • 0:00 Alpaca: this is pretty snazzy Alpaca: omg I found water!

    Dario Mario the dogDario Mario the dogVit më parë
  • im just here singing the original song

    Epic GamerEpic GamerVit më parë
  • :O you didn't make this song... how can you live with yourself

    Alex GilesAlex GilesVit më parë
  • To 3:20

    Flamingo Big fanFlamingo Big fanVit më parë
  • Did any one else see those hidden words when he falls down

    Auria CorfieldAuria CorfieldVit më parë
  • This, This is why that guy on the street didn't kill me when my phone blasted this

    jacob reviewsjacob reviewsVit më parë
  • This is legit “I got the move like a jaguar” 🐆 still love it tho 😻

    • ☾Møøn Møuse☽ •• ☾Møøn Møuse☽ •Vit më parë
    • I mean jagger

      • ☾Møøn Møuse☽ •• ☾Møøn Møuse☽ •Vit më parë
  • I don't like this song it's so boring and the animation booooooooooooo👎👎

    mmm that's good idkmmm that's good idkVit më parë
  • Beautiful

    Cherry Ros3Cherry Ros3Vit më parë
  • Is this purple? The people said no!

    Surprised PikachuSurprised PikachuVit më parë
  • playing this song while raiding nether fortress *CHECKMATE WITHER SKELETONS AND BLAZES*

    madhouse_YTmadhouse_YTVit më parë
  • Your so lezy you did not do anything

    Ana BelaAna BelaVit më parë
  • Yeeeeeeee

    CoolishCoolishVit më parë
  • Moving toooo-*W E L C O M E. T O. H E L L*

    KadenArtzKadenArtzVit më parë
  • John bobs is weird Plus it’s rushed

    Statham wierd 2Statham wierd 2Vit më parë
  • Get dunked on Brock

    Adrian OcasioAdrian OcasioVit më parë
  • This is Cringy COPYRIGHT SONG

    Carlos DelaluzCarlos DelaluzVit më parë
  • oh my.... Fucking furries

    brüh productionsbrüh productionsVit më parë
  • 2:05 Wait...Is my favorite youtuber,A FURRY?!??!? And wait,someone liked my comment...Wait why is it blue?

    SnarpsySnarpsyVit më parë
  • Oh no copyright *EVERYONE GET DOWN*

    BTD6 Captain CurchillBTD6 Captain CurchillVit më parë
  • Screw u nether gosh

    he ahe aVit më parë
  • Uhhh ??? Why is Brody animations a Dragon🐲🐉🐉🐲🐉🐲

    Berkay KayaBerkay KayaVit më parë
  • i feel like this is copy right

    Megaxd24Megaxd24Vit më parë
  • At 1:28 theres a message Slow mo it and spam pause

    CaptainCocoPlays • 58 years agoCaptainCocoPlays • 58 years agoVit më parë
  • At 1:10 Theres a slimey face

    CaptainCocoPlays • 58 years agoCaptainCocoPlays • 58 years agoVit më parë
  • Good for you

    J SkyeJ SkyeVit më parë
  • dude dat nose

    S1mp_LSometimezS1mp_LSometimezVit më parë
  • I like this 🙂🙂🙂💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

    Berkay KayaBerkay KayaVit më parë
  • if techno sees this...

    suchlagsuchlagVit më parë
  • Minecraft version of move like jagger

    Alan Berra FranciscoAlan Berra FranciscoVit më parë
  • how do you make an obsidian generator

    Quinn HasseQuinn HasseVit më parë

    Xihan LongXihan LongVit më parë
  • So basically a MAP

    SlushiSlushiVit më parë
  • *omg I found water*

    Bill CipherBill CipherVit më parë
  • Beautiful

  • 1:56 lol he fell of the chair

    Crown AmationCrown AmationVit më parë
  • this was perhaps a very fun animation collab to make very creative and good job and everyone else

    Shawn MartinezShawn MartinezVit më parë
  • 1:28 it says I had one day to finish please have mercy on me and spare my life for I did not have time to finish this project because it crashed like 5 times and corrupted the fire 3 times

    Andrew GamesAndrew GamesVit më parë
  • Hey Brody how old are you because I saw one of your vids on things your salty about and you talked about a lightning maquean toy

    cool kid 12cool kid 12Vit më parë
  • I’ve watched this 110 times

    Super SiblingsSuper SiblingsVit më parë
  • Made me cry, great job!!

    Rachel Gail CadioganRachel Gail CadioganVit më parë
  • Go o Chanel it is c

    Trav dogTrav dogVit më parë
  • really good animators

    John LaurensJohn LaurensVit më parë
  • 1:59 What the ffffffffffffffffffffff

    Lalo RAMIREZLalo RAMIREZVit më parë
  • We're is you Pan's

    generall gggenerall ggVit më parë
  • All of the animated did a great job and I love this song

    Jose MunozJose MunozVit më parë
  • is that joepede

    Tyler SmilerTyler SmilerVit më parë
  • Y-you didn’t make this this song was made years ago

    I’m gonna commit a hate CrimeI’m gonna commit a hate CrimeVit më parë
    • sad cat wait I didn’t see did he give credit or not

      I’m gonna commit a hate CrimeI’m gonna commit a hate CrimeVit më parë
    • Atleast u know what a collab is

      【ʇlɐS ǝlqnoᗡ】【ʇlɐS ǝlqnoᗡ】Vit më parë
  • I liked maskys

    Elliot piperElliot piperVit më parë
  • Some guy I found on Minecraft "so we need 10 obsidian" Me, an intellectual "14" Guy "wha-" Me "14"

    Pacman 257Pacman 257Vit më parë
  • I would’ve loved to animate a part of this.. :p

    1TechSketch1TechSketchVit më parë
  • It is really good

    Skee _zyroSkee _zyroVit më parë
    • mini faze ben he didn’t make this song this song was made years ago

      I’m gonna commit a hate CrimeI’m gonna commit a hate CrimeVit më parë
  • Yes

    IDK AnymoreIDK AnymoreVit më parë
  • My favorite part is jackabois

    IMMLG PlayZIMMLG PlayZVit më parë
  • Really beatiful an motivated music video 🤣🤣🤣

    Jaana PitkänenJaana PitkänenVit më parë
  • Did you know in Minecraft... THERES WATER?!

    Mr. LyricsMr. LyricsVit më parë
  • This is so fucin good.

    Jaana PitkänenJaana PitkänenVit më parë
  • U did a zombie pig man burning even tho they don’t burn :/

    COOL_DaffyDuckCOOL_DaffyDuckVit më parë
  • My eyes are pleased the animaton was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

    itsybitsybentubeitsybitsybentubeVit më parë
  • hol' up. You got 10 blocks for the portal Then in the other frame Its 8?

    Robbert_thecopRobbert_thecopVit më parë
  • Masky mine best and john ?

    richardis92 arichardis92 aVit më parë
  • 1:09 ;-;

    EEVit më parë
  • Me: (comes here to see animation.) EVERYONE: (wWw YoU liKe MiNeCrAfT sOnGs.)

    Sατυгиiσ SαитυeпкσSατυгиiσ SαитυeпкσVit më parë
  • I didn’t think I needed to see furry Brody.

    TheAmateurAsianTheAmateurAsianVit më parë
    • Shhhhhhhhhh I'm sure anyone cares

      Aiden's ArtAiden's ArtVit më parë
  • Tyler toons my name is tyler

    thatdoge kidthatdoge kidVit më parë
  • 1:09 secret happy face lol

    chalkchalkVit më parë
  • That’s copy writing

    Trond MyrhaugTrond MyrhaugVit më parë
  • Why does Simon take Lewis’s part

    It’s EpicIt’s EpicVit më parë
  • Hey Brody can u put this on spotify so I can download this

    Lord King Charizard YTLord King Charizard YTVit më parë
  • I did all the ALworldrs and I have no idea what the Dragon one is who is the ALworld or that’s a dragon tell me now tell me and can you do a Kalab with him he will only leave and buy a PlayStation if you do please I really need to do that please I have scabies I need you to subscribe actually this video was pretty good I loved it I give you like 1000😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    The agent zero YtThe agent zero YtVit më parë
  • I remember when I got lost in the neither