Procrastinating (short animation)

18 Maj 2018
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I'm definitely not procrastinating

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  • 69,420+ VIEWS... *N I C E .*

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  • Me: I should really study for exams tomorrow (new video notification from pewd) Me: well, I still have time to study later (after couple of videos) Me looking at the clock its 4 in the morning: HOLY SUGAR IVE BEEN TIME TRAVELED!!1!!!?!!1!

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  • Whats that song at the end? Thats fire

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  • Troooooooooo

    AlexmationsAlexmationsVit më parë
  • What does it mean?

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  • I’m procrastinating doing my homework rn..... also I do that all the time as well lol -Muffin

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  • Play station

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    • Wii U remix VGR

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  • You have an addiction!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤩😂😂

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  • Dude your in yaiy

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  • Only 90s kids will remember when the thumbnail was different.

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  • TrUe

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  • I make vids in 34 seconds wait this is 34 seconds AHHHHHH

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  • So true

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  • Relatable

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  • I’m procrastinating doing my homework right now

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  • I like the Wii maker remix at the end

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  • You shoud have used this song:

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  • thats me but if you replace animation with home work XD

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  • I really wanna make a new video, but this summarizes my life.

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  • Time *4:20*.

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  • Turning 13 in April

    Zach BorganZach Borgan2 vjet më parë
  • Teenager logic... I’m 12

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  • I feel your pain!

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  • 100k make video plz

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  • Whats the outro music called

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  • I can relate to this entire video

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  • Dude the thumbnail and the video in comparison😂

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  • ive watched this video like 50 times instead of animating my first animation xD

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  • I’m definitely *-not-* procrastinating

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  • What's about the thumbnail??

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  • Pff your an xbox boi smh

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  • I only came for the thumbnail.

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  • Hey this was posted on my birthday!

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  • Ps4 is better than Xbox

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  • This dude draws better then me DESPITE I’M OLDER AHHHH

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  • Omg yes😂🤣soooo relateble

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  • Friday: The due date for this is on Monday! I’ve got time to enjoy my weekend! Monday: Oh, uhhh... I forgot about this project. (Lip smack) Heck! (May or may or not be based on real life events.)

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  • Who noticed that his headphones were shrinking on his head?

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  • Don't Check your Phone! It's the root of all evil 😈

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  • It's fine dude. That's me when I'm told to clean my room

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  • What is that thumbnail lol

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  • L-L-L-L-L-LukeOrSomething

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  • I'm watching this while procrastinating on doing my homework

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  • *the game controller beckons you to play*

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  • Did the thumbnail change?

    Alondra HernandezAlondra Hernandez2 vjet më parë
  • Same but not animating it’s doing homework I forget about...

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  • Relatable

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  • I did the same thing... on the same app... and same amount of money...

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  • *dude its been 2 hours* XD

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  • I don't have a console anymore it broke but i hardly upload either so my excuse? Fronite came out on android

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  • I saw the 4 20 what yah smokin

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  • Literally me.

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  • That epic mii song at the end is dope

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  • WHaT tHiS GAme iS sO StuPiD

    venusvenus2 vjet më parë

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    • I can help it’s called Wii U remix VGR

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  • The struggle is real

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  • Me on so many levels

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  • I wanna be an animation channel but so far... I have art block and the program i use (Flipaclip I’m on phone) isn’t really the best for me.... What’s the song tho?

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  • #Relatable

    Dizzy Co.Dizzy Co.2 vjet më parë
  • This is so true I try to do a video but then I get distracted by a game or a movie

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  • Pretty relatable

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  • This is why my last video was *2 months ago.*

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  • I feel your pain

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  • rl8able in my main channel

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  • *COLLABO WHERE U AT?* But seriously dood les collabo!

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  • Hello I’m IssChillYT and im new to youtube. I make animations and they are short and I hope They can make your day. It would mean a lot to me if you subscribed.

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  • Me when I need to do my math.

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  • Tbh I'm watching this when I should be animating...

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  • That was me 😂

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  • *on phone clock * 4:20 whatcha smokin?

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  • Me and fortnite

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  • I can hear Persona 5 yelling at me every time I try to learn how to animate

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  • 0:24 420

    hey heyhey hey2 vjet më parë
  • Wait is that VGR I hear???!!!

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  • * insert that wii remix *

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  • Procrastination is the most evil thing to do

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  • That's how I feel when I want to make a Roblox vid XD

    KeembusKeembus2 vjet më parë
    • I might post today or tmrw though.

      PxndaCakesPxndaCakesVit më parë
    • I have a "crew" so I can't make ROBLOX videos without them

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  • Thats so me

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  • Always, and Forever. #Procrastinate

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  • ---im supposed to be practicing guitar---

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  • I was here to

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  • There is only 1 dislike This is the perfect vid

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  • Omg so relatable

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    • For me anyway..

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  • What wii song version was that

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    • Nevermind

      Jeniva DauphinJeniva Dauphin2 vjet më parë
  • sooo relatable i just need ideas :/

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  • Lol

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  • You close to 1000 subs

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  • Im jealous of your animating skills

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  • Ur in jackfilms video boi

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  • Wow your channel is growing so fast you’re almost at 1k congrats

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  • Weren’t you featured on LWIAY?

    Angel TVAngel TV2 vjet më parë
  • I came here from Jacksfilms vid where he mentioned you

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  • congrats for getting on yiay

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  • 2:39

    Christopher WhiteChristopher White2 vjet më parë

    OC OutcastOC Outcast2 vjet më parë

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