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20 Nën 2020
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This video do get a little crazy at times...
-@Yo Mama for doing lines! Definitely made the video funnier. Follow the voice actor here:
-@Infamous Swoosh for voicing the James fella (toxic gamer in beginning and end)
-@Purpled for carrying me in some minecraft
-My buddy Tempo I talked about and played smash with
-@Aidini Tortellini For fully animating part of the minecraft scene! (5:55-5:59)
-My buddy Tanner for voicing the police man!
-@Samwell for doing in-betweens at 3:53 - 3:56 (He might help more with future videos!
Music used:
-Pool Vibes by Louie Zong
-K.K Crusin' True Remix (Animal Crossing) - Mesmonium
Thanks for reading all the way down here!

  • Thanks for watching the video and be sure to check out my youtooz!! (even if you don't buy one you can play with the 3d spinny thing :D) I also encourage you to join my discord if you haven't!

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    • 1v1 me in csgo pls

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    • I have surpassed you in likes.

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    • i thought someone else was supposed to make the pinned comment

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    • 👌

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    • its okay bro i only need *_more money_*

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  • No, we play mobile legends

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  • My k/d ratio is 0.0000001/1

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  • 6:24

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  • does no one care about apex legends (with the new map i think it would gain more popular) this how many people that play apex ⬇️

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  • agh finally a video

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  • Brody's voice went from 0 to 100 real quick

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  • Rip

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  • Hello there brody if u read this I just want to say I really like your content. Plus the inclusion of brody fox is genius.

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  • Why does everyone have a YouTooz now? Because everyone has one I can’t buy any of them.

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  • 6:29

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  • 0:31 fnaf 1 power gone

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  • When I first saw you with light glowing eyes I was like OMG You have a Power of trapping people in The void

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  • Yeah it would be amazing if it was free..

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  • Lol

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  • I miss the old beanie as a character who can talk and such but I’m glad he is kinda still a character

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  • So........Brody is god now

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  • this is how i got so many kids in the basement. dont be toxic kids

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  • Me:*wins online game* The 9 year old on the other team: 6:30

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  • 1:43 when ur parents find out u ate all the cookies

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  • 6:01 *Hack* This was one of the best. word I heard so far

    Some guy staring at youSome guy staring at you8 orë më parë

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  • 5:57 My skin is it that

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  • Dude at the end he used his old eyes from a year ago

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  • I like how it’s been 6 months

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  • just revisited your channel and the only thing i can say is "puberty"

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  • So...are we not gonna talk about brody's god powers? Just asking.

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  • Fake, beanie monster squid thing wasn’t in the video.

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  • 1:42 SUP BIG MAN

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  • Everybody gangsta till Brody gets possessed by herobrine

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  • the fact that brody and purpled know each other is very pog

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  • brody, why do people tell you every day about how you voice, hair, eyes and upload schedule has changed. *people should be talking about his different microphones.*

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  • In the list it said gavin and my name is Gavin I'd I don't like you either brody

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  • The animation is impressive

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  • 2:50 you sound like fresh

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  • And this is why I play War Thunder, the game where no one uses a mic, you rarely see the chat, and you usually get pissed off when a P36 can destroy you B-17 in one hit

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  • He reminds me of ginderpale with more screaming

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  • Jack septic eye has asked for help Make brody see this

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  • I rage way to much to.

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  • I love yo mama!!!!!evryonr pls go check out yo mama Hus jokes are hilarious!!! Pls do it for the youtooz come on people for the youtooz

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