How To Make Friends! (ft. GingerPale)

2 Dhj 2018
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Are you completely socially inept but want friends? Well, don't listen to me. If you want to make friends just skip to the sacrifice step.
Thanks to GingerPale for doing lines (and helping with the script)!
Idk if anyone really reads the description of videos anymore but I do so that's why this is here. Because I'm wierd. Don't judge. Just subscribe.

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  • Bryson can beat you

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  • i wonder why this didnt work

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  • Dude this did nothing for me I ate someone’s little cousins and they weren’t my friend they called the cops and I went to jail and when i had a friend I If I showed any emotions than they would just ignore me and I’d have to stop talking so I didn’t look like I was talking to myself so if I can get a friend to sacrifice me to a volcano then i would feel wanted at least

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  • Bet God could beat u in Mario kart

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  • The best part is that he wrote a script about ginger pale not reading the script

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  • Ima use this on trash day to make friends with the black bin truck that collects landfill waste

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  • do a vs with haminations and u playing smash bros

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  • These trips work trust me I have sacrifi-I mean befriended so many people

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  • brody:man, its been pretty rough *he predicted 2020*

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  • You definitely animate GingerPale the best

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  • this was TWO YEARS AGO ;-;

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  • Brody our child hood hero.

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  • How I make friends Make phineas and ferb references We’re gonna need a blowtorch and some more peanut butter

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  • Am I your friend

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  • Yeah on Brodie your own I’m gonna be your Mario kart

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  • "uhmm i have this little cousin and hes pretty trash. mmmmm that sounds good"

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  • His voice is better then than now

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  • Gingerpale is literally the only reason why im here lol

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  • I Dont Like :ME!

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  • Everything is going perfect till.... VOLCANO

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  • 3:10

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  • Are you mugging m.. I need to stop doing 4rt wall brakes in this video... AWW I DID AGAII...

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  • GingerPale's last words: I have a cat

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  • Fire does hurt. Well, at least he got the souls of children.

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    • I have 3. Cats (jk) I only have one

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  • Yes, this really helped me make friends in the underworld while also removing people I hate from the mortal world

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  • Who dose not like dunngunrooos

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  • I actually used these tips and it worked. :T

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  • Me: how do you make friends Brody: here's how... Me:how come you don't have any friends Brody: I ALWAY DO THE LAST STEP

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  • This is my first brody video

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  • Yep! 100% gonna use this guide to make friends at my new school. Let’s see how it goes!

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  • Y does Brody sound like Tom in the purple sea au Eddsworld

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  • I'll be your friend, I like Oreos, and dunkeroos, and sandwiches, so I'll be your friend

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  • How to make friends Mug them till they accept

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  • I challenge you to a mario kart competition, the ORIGINAL. And we can play mario galaxy 2, the greatest mario game ever! :3 I love both! I’ve put hours in than I like to admit.. 😅

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  • Aye so, since I've gathered all the lonely kids here... I'm 11, I'm mature for my age.. I live in the united states and I'm homeschooled. My hobbies: Music and art. nothing really else. so if you also are around my age and want to be friends.. and feel like you match with me... reply on this comment! :)

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