Dodgeball (Short Animation)

18 Shk 2018
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This was just me playing around with stuff, or practicing

  • "Ha you missed m- whack" ~ Brody

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  • What idiot would dislike this

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  • Oof.

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  • *bodge dall*

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  • *wheeze*

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  • This is a really nicely animated scene, what program did you use to make this?

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  • That’s me. Now your probably wondering how I got to be in this.

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  • HA! you missed m- *thunk*

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  • 2019 and more then 100000

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  • I am in the comment world now, sweet

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  • I’m better than u will ever be at dodge ball

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  • Oof

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  • 0:12 *telekinesis*

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  • 44

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  • Lol 👌

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  • I love dodgeball

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  • Lol

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  • Can we please collab

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  • I am the grandmaster though

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  • U have oofed

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  • He aims well

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    • Miss

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  • This is me every dodgeball game XD

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    • Which one

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  • HA YOU MIS- * gets hit in head * OOF

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    • No dip sherlock

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  • I wish i could work with you

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  • Ha you mi-

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  • 0:11 - 0:12 😂 LOL

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  • 0:11 When someone insults your cooking

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    • h

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    • ;-;

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  • 6.2k views and 20 comments?? *Impossible*

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    • EvanEverything Got it

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  • Ha you missed m- ow

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  • XD This is funnyyyyy (and no I'm not being sarcastic 😐 am I I don't know either this is actually funny so sorry for being exaggerating ) I might be talking to my self since he ain't gonna see this comment 😒

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  • One time I was playing dodgeball and I just got done doing push-ups for being hit in the arm. So I got done with it and these to girls come up to me and said oops your out and threw the ball at my CHEST, I have asma so that made me almost have a asma attack in 1ST grade! Here’s the thing, MY PE TEACHER TOLD ME TO STOP AND DO 50 PUSH-UPS FOR FAKING ASMA. I got so mad but since I was a GOOD STUDENT I did 50 push-ups slowly until the class ended. I ended up going to the principles office for it.

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    • Default Jojo I have athsma

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  • Why is that me

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  • Ew ni

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  • Yeah pretty realistic

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    • Bwerp shut up you couldn’t do any better

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  • Love this comment if U see it

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    • Stop begging for attention.

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    • I’m blind tho

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    • No

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    • TheLazzyCheetah I didn’t see it, I SAW it! 😎

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    • No

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  • Me but the ball is my responsibilitys..

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  • Ok well.. when I played dodgeball I tripped over someone’s foot and then had to sit out lmao

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    • @MinecraftKing laughing my (cheeks) off.

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    • What does lmao mean

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  • Disney new animation

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  • HA! You mi-

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  • sickem boys

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  • Remove da d

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    • Redpandaracoon dogeball

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  • Lol very good 👍

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