Almost Died At Summer Camp (ft. BaggiBoi)

10 Kor 2018
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Thanks for watching this video! I worked really hard don it for you peeps :)
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Thank you guys so much for watching! I'm sorry for any problems in this video. My editor went out of whack.


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  • Hi fellow Canadian

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  • Summer aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    blue + Owen❤❤ gauge bishopblue + Owen❤❤ gauge bishop11 ditë më parë
  • Brody: almost died the brain dead camp counselor: you can tell your parents that you flew :D

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  • E

    RippedTurtle11RippedTurtle1117 ditë më parë
  • Me when summer break : ITS SUMMER! AAAAAAAAAAA-

    Gabe MatlockGabe Matlock20 ditë më parë
  • brody then: sounds like an baby now 90 year old man

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  • In Saudi Arabia it’s too hot that in winter people walk around with summer clothes

    Hinata HyugaHinata Hyuga21 ditë më parë
  • i live in cp ont cn and i get 4 moths of summre

    madmoon2021madmoon202122 ditë më parë
  • I remember the summer camp I went to for about a week once a year from 2010-2018. It was called Camp Shiktahawk. It was pretty chill, but I stopped going after a while.

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  • You sound like the kid from boss baby

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  • *a memorable student*

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  • Haha imagine being american and having to do summer camp

    Stephan BiroStephan Biro25 ditë më parë
  • I’m the class clown in all my classes :) started at 1st grade always making jokes and being funny

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  • Now you haw 400,000

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  • I had a summer camp where we just stayed inside. It was fun

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  • I also had to do the torture that is Summer camp (IT SUCKS)

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  • He sounds like brain

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  • :0 I live in Canada too but uh your right

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  • I live in Canada to

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  • My summer camp was pretty good....

    Eamon PearsonEamon PearsonMuaj më parë
  • 3:20 When you get stabbed with a knife

    Jaustin 10Jaustin 10Muaj më parë
  • 3:47 When somsone says "You can tell your friends/parents that you flew today!" after you fell off a cliff

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  • You are a good person to collab with Bryson

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  • Brody: just stay home kids Me: *realising he predicted 2020*

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  • mmhmm i live in canada

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  • 0:15 thank u

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  • He made Mano before Mano

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  • I am I the only one who thought he was 9

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  • Yay you were half there age back then.

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  • One time me and my sister were at summer camp ( but it wasn’t). It was just a building that the only fun thing at it was dodgeball. For privacy I will call it the index center from here. But one time I had brought my phone and other kids were watching me play. Then one kid ask if he can play for a little while. Me being a dumb and retarded 7 year old gave it to him and by the time I had to go that day he didn’t give it back. Eventually my mom and the counselors found the kid but he had changed my password and wallpaper. He gave up the password and he was in massive trouble he mom was and she beat the crap out of him in front of the entire building.

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  • I love the Dino suit

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  • his voice went from 3 year old to _m a n_

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  • Ugandan knuckles

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  • we’ll be right back

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  • epic vid 101101010100000000000000111111111111111111000000 lol lol

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  • /rank brodyanimations verified ALworldr

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  • This is actually a funny and a good video

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  • 1.3 million views, how incredible is that Brody

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  • My summer camp is amazing

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  • 3:41 ARE YOU FU-

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  • *Yeet the child*

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  • I think its Brysons voice i think Brody and Bryson are brothers cause sometimes Bryson (haminations) talks about brody

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  • for some reason mosquitos really like me, like c'mon my blood cant be THAT attractive. But true story. every time I go outside in the summer, I come inside with a bunch of mosquito bites

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  • 13 year old has 1.3 million views and I can’t talk to a girl.

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  • "Stay home kids" You're darn right you are.

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  • summer you wasted you’re time scrolling

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  • Me: uhhh lawsuit?

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  • Meme camp

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  • Weak I wore a hot dog costume

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  • ' 'o

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  • *what*

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  • 0:02 AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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  • Almost died for being sick and the heat and walking with the fam and instantly regretted walking

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  • 2:14 Jerk

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  • actually forgot the title thanks for reminding me :> 2:39

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  • 3:20

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  • You ded boi

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  • Lol I love when he said “I am what u call a memorable student”

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  • Bryson : oh we almost died the same way *winks aggressively*

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  • Hi

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  • I found this on my recommendation. And I really really enjoyed your animation. It looks really good!! 😃

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  • XD 0:00 and it has inf

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  • I remember during a summer camp we were going to a waterpark until i just fell in the deep water and almost drowned

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  • i never came to any summer camp everything i do in summers is go on vacation and play video games

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  • Oh no they told you a scary story! How dare they! Will you survive?

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  • lil pissbaby boi

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  • I'm 8 yrs old and this uploaded when I was 6 lol

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  • 0:56 1 dead meme ago...

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  • R.I.p

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  • my channel is calld Qamare tonye

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  • Yeah at the top of a cliff and weak little kids and there’s no safety gear yeah this don’t add up chief

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  • I don’t mind it

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  • mrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmmrmr

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  • Brody: *IT HURT OKAY* Me: okay

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  • which software???

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  • 1:40 is that dream

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  • 1:18 there’s a meme reference

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  • so you could have gotten a fratured spine from more than 20 usually result in a trip to the emergency room, but even low-level cause serious head injuries, according to the American College of Surgeons. ... It doesn't take much of a to cause damage. "From a height of 3 meters (roughly ) fracture your spine," Hughes said.

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  • The thumbnail is like “Henry Stickmin’s betray ending”

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  • Ur brother in this cartoon,green hoodie,brown hair, it looks like Edd from “EDDSWORLD”

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  • Was that a reference to conversion camps?

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  • U hit puberty hard 2 year's later

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  • brody:when he almost died "cry's over pain" Bryson:"when he almost dead" *screaming to death*

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  • They didn’t take the right safety precautions for throwing children off cliffs😂😂😂

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  • Is 5hat brison

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  • last day school I wore my inflatable dino costume ran around the school twice and danced in the gym true story such a brodyanimtes thing to do #BrodyAnimates

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  • if onlly brody went yeah boi galaxy on the veiwers

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  • Lmao I almost fell out of a canoe:>

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  • lol love your vids

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  • Wow, you almost die- I mean became not alive

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  • Your voice here is still cute UwU

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  • It was summer ;-;

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  • #DinoBrody

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  • 1:26 bruh come to Minnesota During the summer So manny mosquitoes

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  • 3:20

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    • 3:20

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    • 3:20

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