1000 SUBS! (Animation) (Channel Trailer) ft. Lots of peeps

12 Qer 2018
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Lookie a vid no one has done before!
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  • Wooh. This is sexy !

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    • Uhhhhhh....

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    • What

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    • No

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    • No

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    • Okay that’s it that’s all I’m saying here I’m on via the voice thing the voice thing so if there’s any like you know things you don’t understand at all then well I’m on the voice thing

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  • TOASTED NOODLE!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Yes indeed

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  • Nice fan art

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  • 1000 to 300k Nice

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  • Jelly beans

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  • Wow 378k in 2 years damn

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  • hi

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  • C r I n g e

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  • The day he had skin colour

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  • Kiss Champ Brody

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  • I'm comment 500

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  • Good one 😂

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  • I got this recommended to me when I hit 1k subs lmao

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  • 😮😮😮💞

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  • soooo i have a friend and she is trying to gain subs cause all her friends have 1k while she is stuck on 100- Her user is jamless chimmy and she just quit the gacha community because she hates it

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  • Okay 👌

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  • I am the 490 comment

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  • Toasted Noodle: He kinda stole my idea.... *yeah you definitely were the first to make this original idea you bi-*

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  • Quack

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    • @Levis Stop motion videos Quack

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    • What?

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  • Get madz: my beanie is better Beanie monster: you better sleep with one eye open

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    • Lol

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  • For the last.. I heard that voice...

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  • “How old are you?” Brody: “98” Me: WAttTt-

    • strawberry Simp •• strawberry Simp •10 muaj më parë
    • He's lying, im guessing he's actully like 12 or 13 or something? I don't now

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  • Hi I’m from the future

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    • Hello person from the past

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    • No your not 😐

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  • Hey guys we all need to help each other grow so support me I'll support u rite back no delay

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  • *little did he know....*

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  • This just popped up in my recommended now I know he is amazing

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  • 337* thousand

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  • It's cool now that he has more subs than everybody except Junky Janker.

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  • Noice collabs

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  • These are good voices

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  • This

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  • Your voice changed so much

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  • Yeah u also have more subs bye 328k

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  • remember when brodys voice was... ynow... NOT DEEP?

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  • I wish I will talk to you one day I am an animator to but I have a small channel I only have 24 subs

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  • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  • 1k😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀👍👍👍👍😱

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  • yes brody, its 300k subs now

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  • He’s now over 300k He’s growing up so fast :)

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  • 311k! wew

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  • he has jaden on his shelf xD

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  • Got 1000 sub hold up you got skin

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  • Your mwy fwav ywoutwuber

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  • When the gun slowly started to come out from the side I choked on my food it was so funny!

    Looky PookyLooky PookyVit më parë

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  • Brody why did you shoot tyler

    Lizza Gaming2Lizza Gaming2Vit më parë
  • Any one else here in 2019?

    Dabcab 27Dabcab 27Vit më parë
  • 2019-2020

    Wise GirlzWise GirlzVit më parë
  • Good i may use english too in my video so everybody will understan

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  • Good job you have 200000 subs

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  • 1:17 I just knew he had a gun in his back because of the stuttering

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  • This is wrong since I watched this and he is s way over

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  • I saw your face in vidcon 2019 (:

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  • Wow

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  • Nicolas Cantu AKA JUNKY JANKER

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  • What a beautiful work here. Congratulations!

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  • Where’s the trailer

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  • Yayayayayay 1000 subscribers! Im an animater and I only have 13 .... 😢

    CändyCändyVit më parë
    • @Cändy good job

      Animal AnimatorAnimal AnimatorVit më parë
    • That was 5 months ago now I have 44 which is still pretty low

      CändyCändyVit më parë
    • I have 1200

      Animal AnimatorAnimal AnimatorVit më parë
  • ???

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  • Luv dis :>

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  • Huh!

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  • Yeet

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  • How did he get a gun in Canada???

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  • Are you fake becaus your face is drawing soooooo you are fake other are real man

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  • Brody, how do I send you fanarts?

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  • Yo what. You were at 1000 when making this, now you're at a quarter million

    Real_RUBB3RReal_RUBB3RVit më parë

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  • Brody is a liar

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  • 2:25. Time to do I mean go for a swim

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  • Dont have any

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  • Wow... just wow.

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  • i also like jelly beans

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  • Aa real life face reveal

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  • Penguin animation sounds like billy from IT

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  • Hey Guys Help Me to Get 1,000 Subscribers :)

  • (202k Subs later...)

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  • Much noice man. My channel is litterly Un Poco Loco

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  • 200K subs for now 😋

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  • I like this style of eyes! Plz keep it!

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  • Sub To Baddy

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  • how.did.you.get.all.these.youtubers

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  • I like i

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  • Noice

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  • *one* thousand?

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  • I am you 90,000th view lol

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  • I could make you a better trailer

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  • Do a face revel

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  • SUB TO BRODY UNSUB UNSUB UNSU- *Brody shoots me* Brody: *demon voice* SUBSCRIBE OR ELSE

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  • Toasted noodle!

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  • I remember this video

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  • does juncky fiscally likes jelly beans or does his character like jelly beans 👌

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